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2009-02-15 12:52 am
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Blog Like It's The End Of The World: Rollcall

So... anyone want to get together and do a full-on, multiple participants BLITEOTW next Friday the 13th? Leave a comment if you're interested and if there's a particular theme you'd be interested in (zombies again, alien invasion, animal uprising, supervolcano, etc.) let me know that too. I'm screening all comments so you can maintain anonymity until the event if you so wish.
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2009-02-14 10:07 am
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2/13 Roundup

As most of you figured out, yesterday I was doing my own personal "Blog Like It's The End Of The World" in honor of Friday the 13th and MY LAST DAY OF WORK!!! Thanks for listening/reading and I hope you all enjoyed!
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2009-02-13 07:02 am
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One last thing before I head out for MY LAST DAY OF WORK!!! My coworkers and I have noticed that there's something strange going on lately; our patient counts have been going up, like they usually do during flu season, but we haven't actually had any flu cases come through. We have a ton of people coming in for upper respiratory infections and colds and injuries and STDs and such, but less than a dozen flu cases in the last 6 months. Kinda hope that keeps up; the flu is truly, truly nasty and the last thing I want is to catch it off a sick patient on MY LAST DAY OF WORK!!!

(Yes, I'm excited about going on vacation. Why do you ask?)
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2008-06-14 06:30 am
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The Jig Is Up

For those of you who were concerned about my posts from yesterday, allow me to explain. I was participating in an online event for Friday the 13th called Blog Like It's the End of the World, which had a theme of zombies this year. The truth is that I'm hale, hearty, whole and (most importantly) still human.

But if I may ask, please let me know what you thought of my performance. How did you enjoy (or not enjoy) my small story?
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2008-06-13 05:59 pm

Taking stock

My internet connection is spotty, hence the voice post earlier. Right now it seems to be working, but I don't know for how much longer.

The power and water are still working, thankfully, so I filled up all 18 of my spare gallon jugs with water from the bathtub. I put my freezer and fridge on ultra-cold so that if/when the power goes out, my stuff will have a better chance of staying cool for longer. I don't have a lot of staples in the house, but I should be able to stay okay for about a week or two. Right now, the only thing I'm REALLY worried about, supplies-wise, is my medicine: I only have 8 days left on it and, well... bad things will happen to me if I go more than 2 days without it.

I have an idea about the things outside that might give me a chance to get to my car, but I have no idea where to go. Based on reports I'm getting from friends, these things are pretty much everywhere. Plus, I strongly suspect that the roads will be gridlocked like something out of a nightmare. Some of the reports I'm reading imply that the creatures are suseptable to fire, but I really don't want to test that while holed up on the second floor of a wood-framed building.

Jesus. All I have in the way of reasonable weaponry is my baseball bat and a kitchen knife. I really, REALLY wish I had a gun right now. And ammo. Lots and lots of ammo.

EDIT: Okay, it took me 3 tries to upload this, but I don't know if that's on my end or not. The cable internet seems to still be working, but a lot of websites are down or lagging hard. Still no news about this through official media. Not terribly surprised.
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2008-06-13 03:41 pm

Riot like it's 1999... or a hurricane, anyway

What the fuck is going on?!?! I decided to go to the store to get some deodorant and it was fucking PACKED!!

People were running out of the store with armloads of stuff when I drove up and I barely avoided running in to any of them. There was a wreck by one of the entrances to the parking lot and these two people, a man and a woman, were screaming at the top of their lungs at each other. I managed to find a parking spot near the back and thank god I usually walk between cars rather than down the lanes; the other drivers were fucking crazed.

When I got inside, the shelves were stripped and people were fighting over what was left and what was in each other's carts! And I mean actual, tooth and nail fighting! This frat guy lookalike punched out another guy at one of the self-checkout lanes then started kicking him while other guys stole stuff out of the cart and ran. I took refuge (sorta) in the personal-care aisle, which was mostly intact, though shit was scattered all over the floor. Even so, this big woman came flying down the aisle behind me and slammed me in the back with her cart and started screaming at me to get the fuck out of her way.

I managed to get back outside (I still don't know why I bothered going in when I saw the parking lot like that) but I had to leave my car there; the traffic in the lanes had jammed tight. I saw what looked like a couple of abandoned cars, but they could've just been left there while the drivers tried to get something from the store. I did get my big toolkit and baseball bat out of the car and brought them back with me, though. Whatever's going on, I think I want those nearby.

The walk back here was NOT fun. I was wearing my birkenstocks and not my sneakers, so grit and stuff kept getting under my feet. Plus, the people on the road were getting fucking crazy and I ended up having to walk most of the way back by skirting the edge of the woods the lined the road so I wouldn't get hit by assholes using the shoulder as a passing lane. It took me about 40 minutes in total and I am NOT happy about that. I'm gonna go soak my feet some more once I'm done with this post.

Plus, it was hard to tell over the traffic noise and honking assholes, but I heard something trashing about in the underbrush in the woods. When I checked, I saw some brush and stuff about 50 yards in shake around, but I couldn't tell what it was. I'm pretty sure it was big, though.

Jesus, what the hell is going on? I can't find anything online or on the radio or TV. The local college radio station is broadcasting silence, though, so I don't know what that means.
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2008-06-13 02:39 pm

weirdly quiet

Huh. I just took the garbage out and got my mail and the apartment complex is, well, fucking creepy. It's usually pretty quiet this time of day on a weekday, but today it was silent except for this one dog. It was on a second floor balcony so I couldn't see it (the balconies here have solid wood walls/ledges) and kept barking and whining something awful. I think I heard a low thumping coming from up there too, but I'm not really sure.

From what I could see, the pool was deserted too, which is unusual. There's usually at least one person down there enjoying the water. Maybe it's that weird smoke/haze that's been drifting over the area the past few days. It smells awful, I'll tell you that.

Oh! The squirrels and birds on my balcony took off all at once about 30 minutes ago. It was like some kind of switch had been flipped and they took off.

I decided not to go to the clinic up in Raleigh today. Yes, I can use the money, but I'm just not feeling it. I guess I'm getting a little freaked out by the strangeness around here. I'm just gonna stay home and veg out some more. I can use the time to catch up on my sleep, too. :-)
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2008-06-13 01:00 pm

Okay, that's weird.

There are 4 squirrels and 6 birds out on my balcony right now. They're just sitting on the ledge, staring down and occasionally jumping to the floor or the chair I keep out there, then back to the ledge. It's distinctly non-squirrelly behavior. I don't want to go out there and scare them away or freak them out (squirrels can carry rabies, right?), but it's just really, really weird.

ETA: Aaaand I just got a call from one of our clinics up in North Raleigh. Apparently one of their front desk people called during her lunch and called out the rest of the day due to an emergency of some kind and the clinic wanted to know if I could come work there from 4 to close. I could always use the money, but I don't know if I really want to drive that far out.