Aug. 3rd, 2010 09:45 am
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Workers are here at the townhouse today, replacing/repainting the kitchen cabinets and replacing the major appliances. Tomorrow they're going to resurface/replace the countertops in the kitchen and upstairs bathroom. Sometime next week they're going to resurface or replace the vinyl in the kitchen/dining area, main entryway and upstairs bathroom.

It's annoying to have to remove everything from the kitchen while the upgrade is going on, but at least things'll look nicer when it's done.

Also, I have Syfy on right now and they're playing some god-awful shark movie starring one of the Baldwin brothers (I can never remember which is which... I think this one is Stephen?). It's so cheesy, I could use it as fondue. :-D

EDIT: Apparently it's sea monster movie day on SyFy. The next movie is called "Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep" and the opening sequence is just as bad as the name implies. :P
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It's been an interesting week and weekend.

As you know, I rolled my ankle last Monday and have been wearing a splint since Tuesday. I've gotten to the point where I can put weight on it and take off the splint for short periods, but pivoting it still hurts like a mofo, so I'm gonna be on the meds for another couple of days. I REALLY hope this is over and done with by Wednesday.

This weekend I went to the local farmers' market with some of my friends from work* and we had a good time, despite the looming weather. We had a nice breakfast at the little restaurant, though the waitress was a real jackass who screwed up 2 of our 5 orders and took forever to get us refills. Let's just say she earned the no tip she got.

The market itself was fun; there was a lot of produce and the weather/season is such that the vendors were just starting to start selling some plants. There was also a woman there who was selling some absolutely beautiful homemade cedar furniture. The prices were pretty good, though I don't have enough money available at the moment (damn saving up for the new job!). I got her card, though, and if any of y'all are interested, you can see the stuff here: Cedarwood Furniture by Franklin.

I had originally been planning on going to the North Carolina Ren Faire as well, but my ankle was starting to bother me towards the end of our tromp through the market & the docs at the clinic, as well as the physical therapist there, recommended that I try to walk on it for no more than 30 minutes at a time and then rest it, elevated, for at least 10-15 minutes. That, combined with the rain sweeping through the area, convinced me that it would probably be a Bad Idea to go yesterday. I feel bad, though, because I wanted to see my friend Alex all in his piratical gear. I'll just have to see him next weekend. ;-)

In sadder news, I went by my local (& favorite) comic shop after leaving the market and it's closed for business. I knew that it was going to close at the end of this month (the property management raised the owner's rent/"maintanence fees" by $1k/month without any warning), but I thought the last day was going to be either today or tomorrow. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to the owner (a really nice guy). I do know that he was looking into possibly re-opening in down in the Garner area at some later date, which I fully support. Not only does Garner need something along those lines, but it would be cheaper rent, which is always nice.

Today I plan on downloading/printing all the forms I'm gonna need for my first day at work (tax stuff, health plan enrollment, etc.), writing my "this is why I'm REALLY leaving" letter for work (haven't decided if I'm going to hand it over or not, but it sure is cathartic), going to my gaming group for the first time in lord-knows-how-long and then picking up some furniture from the house of some friends. And yes, I'll be careful when moving the furniture :-P

*I've always maintained that I like the people I work(ed) with, but increasingly hated the people I worked for. My coworkers and I plan on keeping in touch as much as possible.
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...which may or may not be of interest:

1) I am apparently the only person living in any of the 4 apartments using "my" stairwell. The one directly below me moved out months ago and it hasn't been rented yet (or at least, there are no signs of habitation). The people in the one immediately next to me moved to a larger apartment in the same complex last weekend. And the apartment diagonally-down from me was apparently abandoned by the people who were on the lease.

In retrospect, although their stuff was there (and visible through the patio door), there were no signs of ACTIVE habitation for the last 2 months or so. On the 1st, the apartment managers locked it down by the Sheriff's Department and the maintenance guys were clearing it out & cleaning it up this past Tuesday & Wednesday. The people who lived there were left it a MESS: just by glancing in I saw that the (normally beige-ish) carpet was brown/black with ground-in dirt in some places and there was trash everywhere. This wasn't "packing up in a hurry, scavenging through piles of stuff" trash, either; this was "living in a pigsty of my own filth" trash.

ANYhoo, it appears that, for the time being, I'm the only one living off of my stairwell.

2) My antidepressant came out in a generic sometime between my last refill and yesterday! Considering that WITH my insurance-plan rate, the brand-name still costs around $5.50/pill, you can imagine my relief to learn about this generic. :-) The generic is still over $100 for a refill (about $4.33/pill), but that's still $35 I hadn't expected to have on hand. And now that I know it's in generic, I can start looking around at different pharmacies to see if there might (hopefully) be a minor price war going on somewhere.

ETA: ...the hell?

4) Today I finished paying all this month's bills electronically or by phone and, if I'm calculating the transaction posting dates correctly, I should have around $200-$250 available for my trip to Atlanta next week. Even given that at least $100 of that is likely to go towards gas, that leaves a comfortable cushion without touching my savings or using my credit cards. This, my friends, makes me happy. :-)
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I received a notice yesterday that my building's exterior was going to get power-washed today and that I needed to remove my belongings from the balcony since the wash solution would contain a bleach mixture. No problem, I just need to move my plant inside and everything else into the balcony closet.


When I went to take down my bamboo wind chime, I found that wasps had built a nest inside it. Luckily it was a small nest (smaller than a golf ball) and I realized this BEFORE I got stung, but it was still startling. I pried it out with a knife and kicked it over the edge of the balcony, but three times while I was clearing out the balcony I saw a wasp come buzzing over to where its nest used to be and act irate. Hopefully the power-wash will also remove whatever scent markers they may've laid.
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I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night, what with being up MUCH longer than I anticipated and not being able to sleep in, but I managed & I plan on going to bed much earlier tonight to catch up some.

I left my apartment this morning right when the plumbers were coming by and spent almost all day with [livejournal.com profile] th0rbear over at his place. Thanks, man!

When I got home, I noticed that the little progress sheet they had posted outside more door yesterday indicated that they hadn't even finished replacing the pipes, much less had it officially inspected, closed it up or gotten it approved by the complex management. And sure enough, there are holes cut into the drywall in at least 7 places that I can find. They put the drywall pieces back in there temporarily, but nothing's plastered back in.

Also, I misunderstood the notice either last night or today, but I think that they might just be starting the job these two days, but not officially finishing it until next week when it gets inspected. Joy

On the plus side, I still have water tonight, so I was able to take the shower I didn't take last night. I felt majorly grungy, people, and am SO glad I could scrub myself.

I think I may take y'all's suggestions and go spend at least part of tomorrow at one of the local parks, weather permitting.
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Fuck fuck fuck.

The apartment complex is updated the pipes/plumbing in the buildings over the next few months. They're starting with my building, specifically the apartments on my end of the building.

Tomorrow. For both of my days off. From 8AM to 6PM. And water usage is not allowed during those times.

The notice was posted on my door sometime today while I was at work, along with "zones" that I needed to clear to be worked on or moved through (most of the apartment) and "safe areas" where I could store my stuff (the patio and half of my bedroom). So I just spent a funtabulous 90 minutes figuring out where the hell I could move stuff.

Did I mention that aside from the obvious places to be cleared (bathroom, laundry, dishwasher, kitchen sink, etc.) I had to clear out all 3 of my closets? Apparently they're going to need to cut through the drywall in the back of each of them to get to some of the pipes.

My apartment looks like a disaster area. Well, okay, more so than usual.

But completely aside from having to rearrange my apartment twice, what the hell am I supposed to do on my days off if I can't sleep in or fuck off at home?! I'm trying to keep my expenditures to an absolute minimum, which means I don't want to go shopping or see any movies or anything like that. And yes, I know that I have a couple of friends who won't be at work either, but my guilt complex doesn't want to me bother them with my problems.

God DAMN, but the timing of this sucks.

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