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So after having my working interview at the pediatric/orthodontic clinic indefinitely postponed, I just got an email from the manager thanking me for applying, but that she was going with someone else for the position.


Apparently there's a position available at their Wake Forest clinic (25 miles-ish from where I live). But this isn't for a front desk position, oh no; this is for the manager's spot there. And the Raleigh manager wanted my permission to forward my resumé to the person staffing that position. I, not being an idiot, replied "yes, please".

So I'm not getting the position I had held out the most hope for, but instead am now being considered for a better position with the same company. This look on my face right now? Is confused, happy anticipation. It's like I'm getting the karmic upswing for my last 2 years of worklife (or lack thereof).
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Okay, so that clinic is a big ol' NO. The clinic manager is... not right in the head and I KNOW that I'd be miserable as soon as I started.

How bad was it? I was scheduled to do a working interview all day, not to mention the other 2 days, but I called while "out on lunch" to cancel the rest and apologize because "I just received and accepted an offer from another facility."
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The interview today went well: it appears to be a nice clinic and the interviewer was impressed by my resume. The position being offered would be something I can do and do well. The pay is *barely* enough to match my current income, but the hours are a hell of a lot better. They're going to make their final decision within the next 2 weeks, so if it's offered to me, I'll be working there before the end of the month. The only catch is that the clinic is in Wake Forest, about 25 miles from where I live now. That's about 45-60 minutes one way in rush hour traffic, not to mention that I'd have to fill up my tank more often than I do now.

Well, I'll put it at #2 choice. The first place I interviewed at yesterday is #1 and the place I interviewed at yesterday afternoon is #3, for a variety of reasons.

I'm actually going in to do a working interview at #3 tomorrow. The manager asked me to come in for working interviews on 3 days and yes, she wants me there on all 3 days. But the clinic manager's behavior has been throwing all sorts of red flags at me, so I may finish out tomorrow by thanking her, but asking to be removed from consideration due to being a bad fit. ::shrug:: It'll depend on tomorrow.

Just to check with y'all: it's a really good sign that I'm being invited to all these working interviews, right?
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Two face-to-face interviews today & a phone interview.

Holy crap things are moving faster than I expected. I might really, truly, actually meet my goal of being employed elsewhere by my birthday.

Holy crap.

EDIT: Okay, so the first interview went well; I have a working interview set up for next week. :-D

The duties look a bit lighter than what I'm used to, but there's room for advancement. Also, the pay rate is higher than what I'm getting now, by several dollars. Even taking into account the fact that I'm getting 6-10 overtime per pay period now and wouldn't with this company, I should make the same or more than I do currently. Plus, no evenings or weekends!

BRIDE OF EDIT: The second interview was okay, but I'm not sure that I'd be comfortable working there. The clinic manager seems very anal-retentive and flat out said that she would/does send people home if the clinic is slow. While I understand her position, I want a 40-hour a week job, not one where I can be arbitrarily sent home resulting in as few as 32 hours per week (and yes, she tossed out that number in passing). Especially since the potential pay rate, while nice, would just be enough to compensate for not earning overtime any more.

Plus, it looked/sounded like I was only the first or second of about 20 people she's interviewing and she's not making a final decision until upwards of a month from now.

I didn't turn it down, but it's definitely not first choice.

SON OF BRIDE OF EDIT: And the phone interview was less an interview and more a scheduling of a face-to-face for tomorrow afternoon, after work @ my current place. Here's hoping!
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So, I've been looking for a new job for a while and stepped up things a couple of weeks ago. Well... there's been a new development. )

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