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It was definitely a busy weekend!

Friday at work, I got a call from my roommate telling me that his car had broken down in far north Raleigh and so, immediately after work, I zipped over to Casual Male & picked up a couple of jeans, then drove up to pick him up. Due to traffic, we barely managed to get back to the apartment (to pick up my stuff) in time to leave for the airport. Thankfully, the traffic in that direction was much more lenient, so we got there with plenty of time. I got on the flight without any problems and an hour later, there I was in Philly!

My friend up there picked me up and gave me a quick tour of the downtown area and took me to Geno's (a fairly famous cheesesteak place) to get me my very own authentic cheesesteak. It was good, but I didn't see why it qualified as being so famous. :-P We then drove the half-hour to the motel we were staying in (it was cheaper out there) and crashed.

Saturday we spent lolly-gagging around and eventually got our butts in gear to go do a self-directed walking tour of the historic stuff downtown. We missed the Liberty Bell because they had it blocked off for some dignitary or something, but everything else was really nice. That evening, we went to a pool party that a friend of his threw and that was fun. :)

My flight on Sunday was originally scheduled for a little after 4, but my friend checked the employee website and saw it was booked full, so we decided to try to stand-by me for the next earlier flight. We managed to squeeze in just enough time for me to swing by the Liberty Bell (open this time!) and get a few pics before getting to the airport. I was literally the last person on the plane and they were closing the door behind me as I got on. Good lord, that was nerve-wracking.

Overall, I had a good time. I would've liked to spend more time downtown, exploring the museums and historic sites, but we didn't have time. Next time I visit, I gotta make sure I have more than 1 full day up there. :-P

P.S. I swung by the gift shop real quick and got a miniature Bell for my workstation. I'm happy. :-D
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I totally didn't realize that this was the tax-free weekend. Now I get to go buy jeans before heading home to finish getting ready for my weekend. Who knows? I might even get a chance to buy some personal electronics!

Yeesh. Time just flies by, doesn't it... I'm travelling this weekend, Matt is moving up next weekend, I win the lotto the following weekend... where does the time go...
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This upcoming weekend I'm flying up to Philly* to visit a friend who got me a free buddy pass on the airline he works for; I'm not going to have a WHOLE lot of time, but I plan on having fun. Seeing the Liberty Bell and have an authentic Philly Cheesesteak are definitely on the list. :-)

The weekend after that, Matt ([livejournal.com profile] blaireau_bougon) is moving up here, so that's going to definitely be a full & busy weekend. I already sent out an email to most of you who might be interested, but if there's anyone who'd like to come over & help unload the van and generally have a "welcome home" get-together, let me know so I can give you the address & get a good headcount for the pizza. :-)

* I'm finally getting to travel some, even if it's only for a weekend! :-D
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So my hosts in Atlanta invited me to come down a couple of days early & I spent the last couple of days getting ready. I took my car into the shop today to get a pre-trip check and they found that my front axle had a crack in it near the front right wheel & though it hadn't broken completely through yet (thank goodness!) it looked close. So I had them fix it to the tune of $270, which was an unexpected pain-in-the-ass expense. I'm glad this was discovered before it blew up on me on the highway, though. Afterwards, I went to my pharmacy to pick up my med refill and had a VERY pleasant surprise. Apparently, my insurance plan has decided to actually start covering the generic of my antidepressant and instead of having to pay $130-$140 for a 30-day supply, it was only $42! I am SO pleased by that. :-)

Anyhoo, I'm about ready to head out; I just have to call the newspaper and put a hold on next weekend's deliveries. Well, that and actually get packed. :-P

Y'all don't get in too much trouble while I'm gone!
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T-minus 4 work days and 6 real days until I go on vacation!
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T-minus 6 work days until vacation!
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T-minus 7 work days until I go on vacation!
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I am constantly surprised and disgusted by how much nasty the human body can produce when ill. Oh well... The coughing is NOT fun, but at least it's getting this crap out of my body.

In other news, I plan on doing quite a bit of online shopping today, since I called out sick. I'm doing charity donations in their names for my family, and I'm going to purchase my birthday gift for myself.
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Well, I'm going officially offline until I get back. I *might* check my email from my hosts' computer, but no guarantees. Hopefully, I'll be enjoying myself too much. :-)

Take care of yourselves!
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...which may or may not be of interest:

1) I am apparently the only person living in any of the 4 apartments using "my" stairwell. The one directly below me moved out months ago and it hasn't been rented yet (or at least, there are no signs of habitation). The people in the one immediately next to me moved to a larger apartment in the same complex last weekend. And the apartment diagonally-down from me was apparently abandoned by the people who were on the lease.

In retrospect, although their stuff was there (and visible through the patio door), there were no signs of ACTIVE habitation for the last 2 months or so. On the 1st, the apartment managers locked it down by the Sheriff's Department and the maintenance guys were clearing it out & cleaning it up this past Tuesday & Wednesday. The people who lived there were left it a MESS: just by glancing in I saw that the (normally beige-ish) carpet was brown/black with ground-in dirt in some places and there was trash everywhere. This wasn't "packing up in a hurry, scavenging through piles of stuff" trash, either; this was "living in a pigsty of my own filth" trash.

ANYhoo, it appears that, for the time being, I'm the only one living off of my stairwell.

2) My antidepressant came out in a generic sometime between my last refill and yesterday! Considering that WITH my insurance-plan rate, the brand-name still costs around $5.50/pill, you can imagine my relief to learn about this generic. :-) The generic is still over $100 for a refill (about $4.33/pill), but that's still $35 I hadn't expected to have on hand. And now that I know it's in generic, I can start looking around at different pharmacies to see if there might (hopefully) be a minor price war going on somewhere.

ETA: ...the hell?

4) Today I finished paying all this month's bills electronically or by phone and, if I'm calculating the transaction posting dates correctly, I should have around $200-$250 available for my trip to Atlanta next week. Even given that at least $100 of that is likely to go towards gas, that leaves a comfortable cushion without touching my savings or using my credit cards. This, my friends, makes me happy. :-)
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