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So The Amazing Race is being moved to Wednesdays at 8/7 Central. I'm pleased about this move, since my personal "must-see TV" is now all consequtive on the same night and I won't have to stay up quite so late anymore.
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No TAR recap tonight; I'm still getting used to my new schedule. But I'll try to write it up sometime tomorrow. Later, all, and enjoy the show!
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Previously: Stairmaster of DOOOOOOM!!!! "The spirit of Mr. Wizard is with us"

Now with 30% less suck! )

Next: The Beach Bums get into a German barfight (Yay!) and Wanda/Desiree get dysfuntional (Boo!)
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Quick post during a commercial break.
EDIT: Ongoing comments during commercial breaks

Hippies need to stop idolizing Shaggy from Scooby-doo. However, the blond whon looks a hell of a lot like Billy Monahan from LotR.

Geeks in Love may be my favorite so far, however.

the "Glamazons" are going to be Team Beadazzler, however, based on their pre-race interview shots.

Team Lisp needs to make sure that their cabbie knows where the fuck he's going BEFORE they get in the taxi.

I love how the "old couple" team walked by the clue on the bridge twice without seeing it. In broad daylight, not hidden in any way, within 2 feet... and completely invisible to them. I may be cruel, but I laughed. :-)

I admit, I would've gone for the Rotorhead detour as well. And it looks like the clues weren't that hard to find.

Just how far behind was Team Lisp?

The dental team really bugs. He's an overbearing, controlling asshole and she sucks it up because she's "a stereotypical Southern gal". Please be more specific, dear; which world was your South in, again? The "Gone With The Wind" one? Yeah... fuck that noise.
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Yes, I'm watching The Amazing Race, but I'm not enjoying it very much. Despite the producers and editors efforts, I just can't find anything worth connecting to in any of these teams; they're either too distasteful (Paolos & Weavers) or too generic (Bransens, Linzes, Godlewskis).

Although I find myself grudgingly agreeing with Mama Paolo when she said (paraphrase) "What are we going to Arizona for? I wanna go to New Zealand!" And I grudgingly find myself feeling sorry for DJ Paolo when he got cornered and godbothered harangued talked to by the Weavers.
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You know, as much as I've enjoyed the Amazing Race in the past, this season is just killing me. So, I'm not going to do a line-by-line recap like I usually do. I'm just going to do a general recap like I do for Lost. Enjoy!

Latin America Rocks!! )

Next week: You know what? I don't care anymore.
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Previously: weird bikes, the Weavers lost it (understandably this time), Stassi lost it (not sure why), Papa Schroeder just got lost.

A man, a plan, a canal: PANAMA! )

Next week: rope bridge OF DOOM!!! Weavers get stuck in the mud. Does this mean that they'll get eliminated like the Aiellos were?
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Previously, on The Amazing Race: Worst. Leg. Ever.

Hurricane tracks and racecar tracks. )

Next week: Can we see if DJ can jump if we remove the weight of that pesky harness?
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The jury-rig fix to my glasses failed this afternoon as the earpiece came completely off. So it was time for another, stronger fix: I broke off part of a plastic pen cap (the part that's supposed to clip onto a pocket) and duct-taped it securely to both the earpiece and the frame. I hope that this holds up until next Thursday. On the plus side, the plastic is much less compressible/flexible than the matchstick was and I've taped it down firmer, so my glasses aren't as floppy as they were and my low-grade headache is disappearing.

Afterwards, I finally got to see the most recent TAR episode, thanks to the copy that my dad taped for me. I believe that I can sum up my reactions in one word: Ew. The entire leg was badly designed, with a Detour with no clear advantages to either choice, immediately followed by a split-bunch that negated most of the effort teams had done up to that point, whether good or bad. The Weavers descended into madness on an 8-hour bus ride. The post-bus "tasks" (test dummy & get your hourly AOL fix, respectively) offered ZERO chance to change your position, so as soon as we the viewers saw the order they got onto that centrifuge, there was no suspense. The Paolos haven't killed each other yet, not even DJ. And next week doesn't look much better, what with one of the tasks taking place at a racetrack. You know, like the one that the Weavers' husband/father died on. Great choice, Amazing Producers. What with Jonathon&Victoria, then Rob&Amber and now this inspired choice for a task seemingly designed to mentally torture one specific team... I'm losing faith in you, guys.

TAR 8.02

Oct. 4th, 2005 09:22 pm
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First off, I did watch tonight's episode without interruption. However, I didn't want to go through the rigamorale involving moving the computer that I had to last week, so I *wrote* my impressions instead, for transcription here. Enjoy.

Phil's the shiznit, yo )

Next week: NASA! WOO! I wonder if it's Canaveral or Houston?
Paolos bog down in hate. And mud, too.
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First, this is A) late and B) disjointed because my net connection failed about 6:30 and I wrote this inbetween my efforts to get it back up.

EDIT, second hour: I'm back! Apparently ZoneAlarm hates the internet now. I've been having problems with it ever since the most recent update. According to the ZA forums, apparently so has everyone else. God knows why the latest build is fubared, but that how it goes. It's off until further notice.

Let the dysfunction begin! )

Next Week: The Paolos keep freaking out on each other. Bodies are flung around. Papa mumblemumble can't keep up with his daughters.

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P.S. I don't have a season 4 icon, so I'm reusing the Season 7 one.

P.P.S. It's amazing and a little sad that I clearly remembered Debra and Steve (the first team eliminated) but was completely bumfuzzled by the prescence of Amanda/Chris and only vaguely remembered Steve/Dave the air traffic controllers.

P.P.P.S. Not to mention Russell/Cindy. They're so NON-memorable that I actually FORGOT ABOUT THEM BETWEEN THE END OF THE EPISODE JUST AIRED AND NOW. I was reminded by the recap on TWoP. Yeesh.
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Previously: 11 teams started. 8 of them sucked. At the Race, anyway. As people, I liked several of them.


Next time: I dunno. Stop asking me! Rob&Ambuh get CBS to pay for and film their wedding. ::gag::

TAR 7.10

May. 3rd, 2005 08:01 pm
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Previously: Kelly was the bitchiest person ever, Rob out-foxed himself & prompted other teams to get ahead, Travelocity gnomes ::gag::, Gretchen can't climb, Team Patriotic comes in last on a non-elim.

Brit-speak, m'kay? )

Next week: 2-hour season finale, Team Patriotic finally FINALLY break up, Rob&Amber get detained by police, Uchenna&Joyce get detained by tire problems, tropical climes of some kind.

TAR 7.9

Apr. 27th, 2005 07:31 pm
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And now, thanks to my lovely co-worker Sandra, I have a copy of last night's TAR all my own! So let tonight's last night's episode begin!

Previously: Uberleg Pt. 2, giga-bunching, wedding parade, wooden hephalumps, head-shaving (poor Joyce!), camel racing, Team Queen gets lost & Philiminated


Next week: Uchenna is too nice for his own good. Buses freak people out. Ron is a little misogynistic.

TAR 7.8

Apr. 19th, 2005 08:03 pm
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Previously: There were international flights, Team Queen continues to obsess, to their detriment. Kelly needs to dial back the bitchy. Rob doesn't act well when he's stressed. Gretchen suffers Killer Fatigue (and lingering effects from her head wound). Phil fakes-out the Pitstop.

Filler text goes here )

Next week: Rob gets even more cocky. Kelly gets even more bitchy. I have no idea how either is physically possible, but they manage it.

TAR 7.7

Apr. 12th, 2005 07:58 pm
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Previously: Savannah animals, head-balancing vs. goat-milking, ANGRY KELLY!! So. Many. Teams. Can't read their clues. Silly Bros, we miss thee already.

Aside: Remember how I said that I like the new M&M commercials with Megan Mulally singing to the candies? I don't like this new, shorter version.

It's a country AND a sub-continent! )

Next week: Thunderstorm. Angry camels (what other kind are there?)

TAR 7.6

Apr. 5th, 2005 08:03 pm
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Before we go to the recap, I want to let y'all know how much I like the latest M&Ms commercials with Megan Mullally (Karen from Will & Grace) singing to the different colors. 'Tis cute. :-)

Previously: A doozy of 2 legs. Cooling tower FF. Gretchen bleeds. Orphanage. EXTREME PHILMUGGING!!! Car flipover! Best! Race! To the Amazing Bathmat EVAR!!1!11!!1!


Next week Tomorrow: Recap show with extra clips. God help it if it's opposite Lost, 'cause I ain't watching TAR if it is.

Next week: Team Patriotic continue their hate for each other. Team Gray gets applause.
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Here are the latest three TAR icons.

Enjoy! )

As always, these and the previous icons can be found here.

EDIT: Icons slightly redone to look better.
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Previously: Mean horses, smugness for all, ageism, Patrick craps out

10, 9, 8, 7 Little Indians )

Next time: MORE car problems. ::GASP:: Ron isn't perfect! Recap in 8 days.

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