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Previously: Hawkins, Hawkins, Hawkins!

In which Hawkins suffers from a series of Lost-style flashbacks )

Next: New Bern ain't the paradise we've been led to believe it is. Not that this is a surprise to anyone with any kind of observation skills.
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Previously: April is pregnant, Heather runs windmills, Hawkette TOTALLY shot someone

Every time someone dies, a baby is born. Or something )

Next week: Assaulting the refugees who've holed up in the church. No, that's not reinforcing the whole Lost Tribe Of Israel America vibe at all.
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Previously: Sylar joined forces with Mohinder, Papa Bennet sacrificed himself for Claire, Isaac shot Simone

It's ALWAYS about sacrifice )

There are no words adequate to properly explain how truly awesome in all aspects this show is.
There. Are. No. Words.
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Previously: Dammit, I missed 'em while I was getting dinner made.

Read more... )

Next week: The package is missing! The roads are bad! The dogs, they are a-starvin! Jake, he gets roughed up some more!
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Previously: Hawkins gets threatened! Sorta!

Hawkins did a bad, bad thing )

This week's episode is about to start, so I'll come back and finish this later.
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Okay, this one I actually taped, so I get to see the whole thing.

Previously: Bennet lied to Claire, absucted supers and got Mexican-standoffed by Radioactive Ted and Matt.

Wherein we learn the power behind the glasses. )

Okay, I know that I'm a gushing fanboy of this show, but that has to be one of the most harrowing, touching and excellent episodes of any TV show I've ever seen. I fully expect Heroes to pick up a ton of Emmys this year, and deservedly so.
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Only a week and a half late!

Sorta Previously: Radioactive Ted cybered with this hot Isreali chick who's an assasin who can control electronic info WITH HER MIND! (Read: techie-geek dream girl)

Really Previously: Ando & Hiro got suckered, Matt got his shit worked over by Jessica, Peter fell onto a car, Sylar teamed up with Mohinder, Mama Claire finally lost her mind. Literally.

Mr. Muggles is the real star of the show, you realize )

Dammit. There's something wonky with the NBC online vid and I can't get the last half to play. I guess it's time to (finally) read the TWoP recap to see what I missed.
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First of all, I'm insanely grateful that NBC lets you watch the latest episode online, since my VCR recorded the wrong freaking channel! Anyhoo, with no further ado:

Previously: Hiro gets questing, Jessica gets loose, Matt gets suspended, Claire gets disillusioned, Mama Bennet gets mind-wiped (again, some more), Firemommy gets evasive

This episode brought to you by Ziploc Double Zipper Bags. Seriously, every single 'commercial interlude' was for those things )

Next: Dunno. NBC doesn't have the previews attached to the current episode online.
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Previously: Sylar escaped, Hiro met Daddy Warbucks Nakamura, The Doctor showed up for kicks, Claire called up Firestarter Mommy

Blood is thicker than water, but not as refreshing on the rocks )

In closing: I love my cracked-out superhero show SO. MUCH.
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Now that I'm FINALLY getting to see the episode, only a week behind everyone else, I hope that you all enjoy my little ramblings.

Previously: Everything, really.

Tell me if you've heard this one before... )

Next week Monday: Dunno. Scifi didn't show the previews.

Goodness gracious, how I've missed this show. :-)
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Previously: Jessica goes man-huntin', Peter goes Cheerleader-savin', Sylar goes sleepy-time.

I have no recollection of this episode. )

Next: We return on January 22 with the second storyarc and catchphrase. Are you on the list?
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Previously: Explosion! Election hijinks! Hurt/comfort! Ass Bandits! Say Goodnight, Gracie!

It's a case of MUUUURDEEEER!!! )

Next: nada 'til February. But it looks like Darcy's going to shoot Hawkins, which I can support.
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Previously: Well, technically this happens before everything else...

Before they were heroes, they were... )

Next week: Back in the present day (so to speak), everyone meets up for a battle royale! Or maybe not.
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Previously: That same damn nuke footage! Chinese newscast! Family drama! IRS meltdown! Gray flips out!

Better dead than red )
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Save the Cheerleader... Save the World... )

Next: Next week looks like it'll be totally kickass. Even more than this week. I can't wait!
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Previously: Bomb (no, really?)! Bartender Mistress! Coughing Disease! Ravenwood! Real Doctor!

Suicide Bomber Jake, Action Hero! )

Next week: Almost the end of the mini-season! Someone significant dies! Probably!
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Previously: Ordinary people, extraordinary abilities, blah, blah, blah, Radioactive Man debuts

In which we meet some new supers, who don't stick around that long )
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Previously: Denver! Chaos! Unfamiliar Faces! Inappropriate Questions! Septicemia! Green Family Squint Faces!


Next Week: Government authorization! Suicide bomber Jake!
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Read more... )

Next week: Isaac looks... wrong without his stubble.
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Previously: Speculation! Information! Corn! Insipid Romantic Tangles!

A little more 'splodey, please. )

Next: Hot Zone! Gunfight among the Rolling Hills of Kansas!

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