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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] disgruntledgrrl!

P.S. Have you received the wedding photos yet? I've had this nagging feeling that I miswrote the address, but I haven't had them returned, so I wasn't sure.
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Cut for large photo )

I left my car at the garage overnight to get the brakes fixed. So this morning, since I was sans vehicle, Mom took me over to Sam's Club to get my meds and to get my glasses looked at. Since I got them on Monday, the right lens has popped out twice and the nose pads are askew so the glasses sit at an angle. Well, the guy at the eye center tightened the screw on the glasses and adjusted the pads, so everything's good. Yay! Afterwards, Mom drove me back over to the garage so I could pick up the car. $260 included my AAA discount, but at least I don't have to worry about failing to stop, right?

Anyway, I've spent most of this afternoon working on photo editting for a couple of shoots I did recently and discovered the above shot on my system. I took it several months ago, but completely forgot that I had done so. I've noticed that in my "art" shots, I tend to like these kinds of architectural or empty spaces. I think it's kinda like my love of blank books; the raw potential appeals to me.
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I got the new glasses this morning, and I'm having the standard adjustment weirdness. It's nothing serious, but it's definitely throwing me off a little.

Yesterday, I took Katie over to the Fort Worth museum district and Botanical Gardens to take some senior photos for her. I'm still working on them and haven't had a chance to look at all of them yet, but I think that I have several good ones. I'm glad. :)

Apparently, my roommate's room is similar to a brick kiln. Yesterday, we had a cold front sweep through and drop the temps down into the high 30s. Well, last night at 10PM, I turn on the heat since my room was about 60 degrees and it's fricken COLD outside. The roommate almost immediately comes out and asks why I turned on the heat since "it's hot in my room". It's hot. At 10PM. When the outside temperature is around 40 degrees. Okay.....

I don't think I reported this yet, so here goes. Two Saturdays ago, I attended the wedding of [livejournal.com profile] disgruntledgrrl and [livejournal.com profile] koed at the Japanese Gardens in the FW Botanical Gardens. It was a lovely ceremony and reception and I'm glad I went. Well, on my way there, as I was turning to enter the FWBG main entrance, I accidentally hit someone's car. There were no injuries and minimal damage (a tow truck for him, but no wreckers), but it shook me up pretty badly. Thank goodness my brakes responded as hard as they did.

Speaking of which, I suspect that that braking may have even further depleted my brake pads, so I'm going to take the car in for the total brake job either Thursday or this weekend. I'm riding the edge as is and I'd rather not die. It would put such a crimp in my plans for the holidays.
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Well, I ended up buying $180 worth of clothes. I got 4 dress shirts, 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of pants. Money well spent.

I also picked up the 96 photos I had printed via Best Buy's sale this past weekend. Although there are some pics I wish I could've printed up, I'm very pleased with the quality of the ones I ordered. A lot of it is because my digital is set to take pictures equivalent to 50 ISO film (very low granularity/high detail) and I uploaded the originals instead of the tweaked/edited ones (which can get very granulated if you aren't careful).

Some of the pics are from my friend Greg's wedding reception and I'm going to give them to him tomorrow when he comes over for the renewal of our gaming group's weekly meetings.

P.S. Do You Like Waffles is a wonderfully entertaining little earworm flash. Check it out!
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If you don't have a digital photo printer but need/want to print up photos, Best Buy is running a special, which ends today, for $.10 per photo! The website is http://www.bestbuy.com/imagelab
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Well, this has been a good weekend overall. I had a touch of food poisoning Friday night, but it cleared up by 10 or so, thankfully.

Yesterday I went to the Fort Worth Gay Pride Picnic over in Trinity River Park in Ft. Worth and had a good time. I hung out with the usual crowd, ate a couple of burgers, wandered around taking pics, and played some tug-of-war. My team won the series! Generally pleasant, but nothing spectacular. Pictures are here if anyone's interested.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Also, as indicated by my earlier post, I have an art folder set up. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I actually took this about 2 weeks ago, when I finished off the black and white roll that I'd used for the wedding pics. I normally don't use b&w, but I think that this came out very well, don't you?
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As a continuation of the previous post (and to save your poor bandwidth), I've included the other shot I wanted to discuss in this post.

This morning (before I learned of my timing mixup), I took a shot of an airplane traveling overhead towards clear sky. I did some editting on it to improve the contrast and clarity, and I wanted to get your opinions. Also, [livejournal.com profile] sfopanda? What do you do to your photos to keep that high detail and color?

Read more... )

Thanks for your input.

EDIT: Crap. I didn't realize that the pixelation on the editted on was that bad. Lemme see what I can do to correct that...
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As part of my "well, I have the time now" shenanigans today, I went to the mall to do some shopping. Well, the mall I went to has as its centerpiece this rather beautiful tiled obelisk. I took some photos and did shrinking and whatnot, and the results are under the cut. A couple of them are linked to larger versions on my photobucket account. Other than the size, they're exactly the same, so you're not missing anything if you don't want to click.

Bandwidth is a concern for some, I know )
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I've been operating under radio silence for the past few days. Dunno why, just haven't felt like posting anything.

Today changed that. I went to the Texas Scottish Festival with my friend Liz ([livejournal.com profile] lizziethered). It was her first time going and we both had a good time. Well, as (most of) you well know, I have a minor kink for men in kilts. So this and Scarborough Faire are always enjoyable outings for me. Well, with the magic of digital photography, I can post the 25 pics I took today... today! So, with a little further ado, here are the pics (in reverse order):


P.S. These are all work-safe, so no worries.
P.P.S. Remember that bird nesting outside my window? It's laid an egg. :-)
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Hey all. All the digital wedding pictures are downloaded and I'm editing them now. Of course, with 250 of 'em, that's gonna take a while. :-p

So feel free to AIM me if you'd like, name = drewbeartx
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Here are the latest three TAR icons.

Enjoy! )

As always, these and the previous icons can be found here.

EDIT: Icons slightly redone to look better.
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I had no idea that icon making was so addictive. I mean, really! ::sigh:: And so yet another junkie is born.

Anyway, here are my latest icons for The Amazing Race 7, lj-cut for your protection: )

Yes, only the last 2 are new from the latest episode, but while I was able to find more artistic pics, I wasn't able to find any more really iconable pics.

There was one picture off the CBS website that I found particularly poignant. Here are some mods I did:
Shades of the West
A dream like an old photograph
Softened with the passage of time
Welcome to the TV Age
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Over the weekend, I went over to Best Buy to price memory cards for my digital camera. Y'know, to see if I could afford a decently sized one for TBRU. Well, I found a 512Mb card for $50 with an $18 mail-in rebate, so I got it right then. My camera can now take over 550 pictures before I have to download them! Yay!!

Now that I'm in the spirit of photography, I'm going to participate in that "photo" meme that was going around a while back. So tell me up to 5 things you'd like to see me take pictures of and I'll get them up as soon as I can.


Mar. 2nd, 2005 06:36 pm
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I made 4 TAR icons today. Here they are:

As usual, they're stored on my Photobucket account. Feel free to take them, just credit me, please.

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