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Matt & I went to a viewing of a townhouse last night, the first viewing we've gone to. We both actually like it a lot; it's got about 50% more square footage, good size rooms, a finished basement, a good layout and the price is about $10k less then my personal limit. The only problem is that the HOA dues are just under $250/month and they're a decent chance that that'll put the monthly cost over my affordability threshold. Also, apparently the property has been on the market only about a week, so the sellers aren't desperate to give concessions to sell it. ALSO also, I need to have $1000 minimum on hand for closing and it'll take me a few more months to save that up, assuming no injuries, accidents or emergencies happen in the meantime.

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Oh, ye gods above, below and in-between, I am TIRED!
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This upcoming weekend I'm flying up to Philly* to visit a friend who got me a free buddy pass on the airline he works for; I'm not going to have a WHOLE lot of time, but I plan on having fun. Seeing the Liberty Bell and have an authentic Philly Cheesesteak are definitely on the list. :-)

The weekend after that, Matt ([livejournal.com profile] blaireau_bougon) is moving up here, so that's going to definitely be a full & busy weekend. I already sent out an email to most of you who might be interested, but if there's anyone who'd like to come over & help unload the van and generally have a "welcome home" get-together, let me know so I can give you the address & get a good headcount for the pizza. :-)

* I'm finally getting to travel some, even if it's only for a weekend! :-D
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I'm stiff, sore & tired, but everything is moved! YAY!
Now comes the Great Unpacking...

Anyhoo, comment with your email address is you want my new mailing address. All comments will be screened.
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  • Review & sign the new lease DONE
  • Unsubscribe to newspaper delivery DONE
  • Transfer electric service / get new account @ new address DONE
  • Transfer cable/internet service DONE
  • Change the address on all my personal accounts DONE
  • Get my mail forwarded DONE
  • Get rid of unnecessary papers, books, bottles, etc. DONE
  • Pack all my stuff: DONE
    • Books DONE
    • Clothes DONE
    • Kitchen stuff DONE
    • Bedroom stuff DONE
    • Bathroom stuff DONE
    • Furniture DONE
  • Move DONE
  • Hand in my keys to the apartment DONE
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This has probably been the most stressful move I've ever made, including when I moved half-way across the country and when my sister & I had to fire our landlord, find a new place & move in between Christmas & New Year's Eve.

Still, the vast majority of my stuff is moved, including all the furniture (thank you, new roommate's friends!) & I have until Wednesday to finish moving the small stuff. Now to arrange everything...

Also? I am badly out of shape. I hurt in places & forgot I had.
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Two days of testing starts today. Undoing the utilities' setups took a significant amount of time yesterday. Searching for new accomodation starts this afternoon. And the goddamn power flickered/went out last night, so my sleep machine stopped working in the middle of the night and my alarm clock reset. Thank goodness I'd set the alarm on my phone, too.

Oh frabjous fucking day.
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So I'm starting to clean up the apartment prior to packing... I had no idea that I had THAT many empty water jugs hiding hither and yon. I overflowed the recycling kiosk thingie the complex has over by the dumpsters.
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To all my buddies here in Raleigh/Durham/Garner: I'm sorry to spring this on you so shortly, but could any of you help me move my bed to the new apartment sometime this weekend? The guy who was originally going to help me got called out of town for work and there is NO WAY I can move this thing by myself. I completely understand if you can't help and hope that you all have a good weekend.
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Well, Mission Arlington just came by and took pretty much all the furniture except my bed, my dresser and my kitchen table. It's weird, yet comforting to have it all gone; the apartment's just that much emptier. Plus, some people in unfortunate circumstances get stuff for Christmas. :-)

Now to finish laundry, finish packing up the kitchen stuff I'm going to take, finish fixing up my new computer and wipe the current one prior to resale to the office... Busy little bee, I am. And like Yoda, I'm typing.
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I'm back. I had a good time (thanks guys!) Packing continues. Later!
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Well, I have my two "checked luggage" boxes packed and sealed, I've arranged for Mission Arlington to come by on the 22nd and lug away almost all the furniture and other than the kitchen and the bathroom, I have almost everything packed. I just need to make sure that everything will be able to fit in the car.

The closer it gets to Dec 31, the more nervous and scared I get. But that's a good thing, since I can direct that nervous energy into getting more stuff done. Hopefully, anyway. :-P
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Well, Sara and Mikey just came over and we moved my 2 bookshelves over to their apartment. Happy Birthmasiving Day, guys! That wall looks incredibly bare without the shelves; it's really driving home that I'm leaving here.

EDIT: I've filled and pitched 3 large trashbags full of crap that I neither need nor want, nor would anyone else. I've also managed to box up all my CDs except the few that I'm going to listen to on my eventual drive to Raleigh. Now to attack sort and destroy dispose of the computer games.
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Well, I just booked the flights for my trip to Raleigh in a couple of weeks. Here's hoping that the job/apartment hunt goes well while I'm there.
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Okay, ladies and gentlemen, the first part of moving has begun:

The Cull.

Specifically, I'm going through my books and selecting the few that I want to take with me vs. the ones that I can have sent to me later vs. the ones I can get rid of. I'm going to let my family have first crack at the later categories, but if anyone local would like to take a look afterwards, let me know. I can put up a list of the available books later.
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I'm still going through various job sites and I spotted this lovely ad:

Phone Actor/Actress

And if you can't access it for some reason, here's the text )

...Yeah. I've never seen someone advertize for phone sex operators before, even in such euphemistic language.

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