Aug. 3rd, 2010 09:45 am
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Workers are here at the townhouse today, replacing/repainting the kitchen cabinets and replacing the major appliances. Tomorrow they're going to resurface/replace the countertops in the kitchen and upstairs bathroom. Sometime next week they're going to resurface or replace the vinyl in the kitchen/dining area, main entryway and upstairs bathroom.

It's annoying to have to remove everything from the kitchen while the upgrade is going on, but at least things'll look nicer when it's done.

Also, I have Syfy on right now and they're playing some god-awful shark movie starring one of the Baldwin brothers (I can never remember which is which... I think this one is Stephen?). It's so cheesy, I could use it as fondue. :-D

EDIT: Apparently it's sea monster movie day on SyFy. The next movie is called "Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep" and the opening sequence is just as bad as the name implies. :P
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So I just saw Prince Caspian and I have one question:

Why did no one tell me the Talmareans were so fucking hot?! I mean, really! It's like someone in casting said "Okay, find me the most astoundingly, unbelievably attractive Spaniards you can find. Beards are a plus."

Also, spoilers ahoy! )
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Okay, so things are actually looking up for me.

1) We finally got flu tests back in the clinic, so I had one done (OMGIT'SSTABBINGMYBRAIN!!!!) and it came back negative. Yesterday evening/last night, my fever finally broke, though the cough is still lingering.
Response: keep taking the cough medicine and be grateful.

2) I just checked my bank balance to see what payments had and hadn't posted and I found that my tax refund had deposited and cleared this morning.
Response: Write a check for most of it off the account they hit and deposit it in the account at the other bank that actually accrues interest.

3) And last week, when I got this month's refill of my antidepressant? The pharmacist accidentally gave me 2 months worth, but I only got charged for 1. I didn't discover this until this morning, when I opened the bottle for the first time.
Response: Keep taking them and be grateful. Plus, I need to reschedule that psych appointment I had to cancel because I was working.

4) Finally, ALL my various bills and loans are caught up.
Response: Keep on top of them this time, dummy!

In summary: At this moment, my life is better than it has been in YEARS and if I can actually get anyone to fucking respond to my resumes, it'll get even better!

P.S. Think this would be a good place to start a belated New Year's Resolution of "Be more positive"?

P.P.S. I watched Labyrinth this morning, for the first time in years. I had forgotten a lot of the cool little elements like the Helping Hands or how the Junk Lady was trying to turn Sarah into a JL too by piling all Sarah's material treasures onto her back. Also, I didn't realize that Jennifer Connolley was only 14 when they made that movie. For some reason, I had always thought that she was like 16 or 17. The movie makes more sense to me once I realized that yes, Sarah was acting very immaturely, but that was because she was legitimately immature.
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I went to see Cloverfield today and enjoyed it a lot. The premise is spoiler-free, but cut for safety )

Aside from the shaky-cam issues, I greatly enjoyed the movie. They waited a good while before showing more than a corner-of-the-eye glimpse of the monster, which nicely heightened the tension. And there are at least 3 scenes that I can think of which made me clench the armrests or flinch back from the screen. I probably would've had more, but there was a pack of jackasses sitting behind me (they came in after I sat down) that kept up a running commentary throughout the entire movie. It's a might difficult to be properly scared when the asshole behind you is commenting that "[he'd] never have done something that stupid. [He'd] have left (character) behind as dead and run for it!"

So. If you like horror or monster movies and can handle some potential shaky-cam-induced vertigo, then I heartily recommend Cloverfield.
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So as a treat for myself, I decided to go see "I Am Legend".

Yarr! Thar be spoilers ahead, cap'n! )

Also, I saw the latest trailer for Cloverfield. Nothing new, really, but it looks better and better every time I see something about it. I'm still not convinced that the movie is actually called Cloverfield, though, since all the ARGish elements associated with the marketing heavily imply that that's just a code name.
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So these ads for Beowulf...

Do they scream "horrible flop of a tragedy" to anyone else or is it just me?

When they're advertising it as "the latest evolution of 3D" instead of, you know, anything of real value? I consider that a bad sign. Especially since, with all that supposedly spectacular new technology, the CGI effects in the ads are still so godawful bad compared to the true cutting edge stuff that my eyes are stuck in a permanent spin cycle.

A single example: bubbles are not perfectly spherical, nor are they the size of marbles and just as unyielding.

Or, to put it another way, based solely on their ads (since I haven't seen either), the SciFi Channel made-for-tv-movie Grendel looked better.

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Huh. I just saw an ad for The Seeker and am in the middle of re-reading the The Dark Is Rising series. What with the Harry Potter flicks, the Chronicles of Narnia movies (Prince Caspian is currently filming, I understand) and now this, it looks like epic magical preteen movies are big money. Any suggestions on which series will be next?

I'd say the Wrinkle in Time series, but frankly, it's too cerebral to make it through the Hollywood grist mill unscathed. Your suggestions?
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That was interesting. Scifi just aired a horror/monster movie that was pretty good. One of the conceits was that the protagonist experiences incredibly real imaginings/hallucinations throughout the movie, so you're not sure whether or not the entire thing is in his head. Even unto the very end of the movie, a good 20 years after the events of the main movie, that uncertainty remains. It was neat.
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Right now I'm watching Disaster Zone: Volcano In New York on SciFi. And as if the title alone wasn't enough to clue you in to the cheesiness, the tv guide description of it is "A geologist and an intrepid band of tunnel workers must save New York from an underground volcano."

Intrepid band of tunnel works. Underground volcano. NEW YORK!

So even before it starts, it already dancing on the line that separates "so godawful that it's cheesily good" and "so godawful that it's painfully bad". Let's give it a shot and see which!

Update 1 )

Update 2 )

As an aside, let me just state that I absolutely loathe the fucking shaky handicam fetish that's overtaken a lot of TV these days. I blame The Blair Witch Project for starting it and 24 for making it popular. Note to filmographers: it doesn't make your film look "realer" or "edgier"; it just makes it look like your cameraman was having a seizure.

Update 3 )
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I'm watching The Stand (one of my favorite books/miniseries, by the way) on SciFi and just realized that the guy who played Harold Lauter looks a hell of a lot like Gary Oldman. Weird.

Edit: I had forgotten how craptacular the ending of the miniseries was. I mean, yeah, it's pretty faithful to the book's ending (which wasn't that hot either), but it was, if possible, even sappier. ::sigh:: I guess it's true: King just can't write a satisfying ending to save his life.
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Okay, so I went to see Silent Hill today and, as someone who's never played the games or even watched someone else play them, I was very impressed. Everything was just about perfect, from the plot down to the editting. I few things I particularly liked were the use of white as one of the predominant colors, which is quite rare in most American horror movies, and the fact that the traditional happy=shiny-see-the-survivors-are-safe ending... was given that extra little twist that offered at least 3 separate explanations. Finally, I really liked how they combined the psychological horror aspect with the gore aspect so seemlessly.

So Silent Hill is an A+ horror flick and a must-see for fans of well-done horror.
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Watching the Oscars (yes, I know how "gay" that's supposed to be and no, I don't care)

I loved the host intro skit. "Oh, HELL no!" ::snerk::

Jon Stewart's monologue was okay, but I think he's nervous about being live in front of so many people.

Clooney won the Best Supporting Actor. Good for him.

Ben Stiller just isn't funny, people, and no amount of crappy "jokes" are going to help that. Can someone just shoot him and put me out of his misery? I did NOT need to see that much of his package.

Having seen all 3 nominees for Best Animated Picture, I think that the right film won. Howl's Moving Castle was good, but Wallace & Gromit was better.

I really like Dolly Parton. She seems like such a genuinely nice person.

Y'know, it would be nice if anyone had actually seen any of the short films. Plus, it's past time to stop using animated characters as "hosts". It was never all that clever to start and it's just tired now.

Memoirs of a Geisha was such a lock for Best Costume that it was hardly worth competing against it.

And now, the first award of the night that I disagree with. Michelle Williams really should have won Best Supporting Actress. Her performance in Brokeback Mountain was every bit as powerful as that of the leads. My guess is that Brokeback is going to win Best Picture and therefore, all the other nominations got shut out.

Re: March of the Penguins winning Best Documentary: see comments about Geisha above.

But man, those guys were so French it was painful. And poor Morgan Freeman: he looked so surprised and confused when that spot randomly lit on him.

Damn! Selma Hayek looks good! That dress looks really good on her!

Yay! Brokeback won Best Score! And well it should have; the theme was so immediately identifiable and memorable.

o_O What. The. Hell. Is up with that new Tab commercial? All those women looked like they were made up and dressed by blind whores. Not my idea of attractive, thanks.

Since almost all of the nominees in the "Big 4" deserved their noms, I felt good about all the winners, except for Best Picture. Either Brokeback or Capote should've won that. Glad to see Brokeback bring one of 'em home, though.
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Wow. I'm watching Category 7: The End of the World on tv right now and it's the biggest schlockfest I've seen in a long, long time. It's worse than 10.5, people!

It's so cheesy, it's like someone melted a Velveeta factory into a fondue pot and garnished it with cans of EZ-Cheez.

Although, I must admit that I admire the writers for not even bothering to give us any reason to care about the characters. And giving us visual proof that Ma Nature hates mimes, soccer hooligans and creepy clowns, in that order.

Poison. Frogs. Get loose at a political function and wallow around on the food. I'm not making this us; there was a clear shot of a frog, on its back, wiggling in froggy glee all over a plate of paté.

Shannen Doherty! Randy Quaid! Swoosie Kurtz! It's a madhouse of B/C-list actors desperate for a paycheck! Batten down the hatches!!!

It's the plagues Moses called down on the Egyptians and this time, God hates potheads! Potheads and jocks! And maybe Tom Skerrit, I'm not sure yet!
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Went to see Sky High with Jim this afternoon. The movie was okay, but not spectacular. The standard Disney moral: "it's what's inside that counts", "stay true to your friends", "it's okay to be different"... You get the idea. I enjoyed spending time with Jim, though.

I was feeling kinda urpy after the movie; I think that the Schlotsky's I had for lunch didn't totally agree with me. So I stayed home and watched Deep Impact on TV tonight. Back when it came out, I remember thinking that it was far better than Armageddon, and I still think that, but I realized why it wasn't as big a hit at the box office. Rather than succumb to the "rah, rah, heroes save the day, nobody gets hurt" mentality that infused Armageddon, it actually addressed and indeed focused on the emotional impact. Heart-rending choices are made. Families are torn asunder. People die. Primary characters die. While the science behind the film is a bit dodgy, the characterizations are very, very real. There is rage, horror, terror, despondency, courage and bravery. And it's all human, not the superhuman, gleaming god-on-a-pedestal heroic courage that we're constantly told is the only kind worth mentioning.

It made me cry, and that's why it's the better movie.

P.S. I had no idea that Elijah Wood was in this movie. He wasn't famous when it came out, after all. Also, why isn't Téa Leone in more stuff?

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