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So I've been in an odd mood lately and been going through the mounds of stuff on my computer that I haven't even looked at in who-knows-how-long. Something I found that I'd almost completely forgotten about was a fanmix album entitled "Tomorrowland" for Jericho, that shining piece of what-could-have-been.


Anyhoo, someone on the Television Without Pity board put together an album of music that evokes/ed the show and characters. It's shockingly good and I've found myself playing the entire 18 song "album" several times since then. It's MUCH more country than my normal tastes, but it's more old-school country than pop-country, which I think is more the style that I don't care much for.

'Tomorrowland' track list enclosed )

I'm glad I refound this. :-) If anyone asks, I'll post a yousendit link to individual songs or the whole album.
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Okay, this is just fucking ridiculous. I missed last week's premiere because I didn't get home until midnight and today I'm so fucking tired, I'm probably going to be asleep before 10PM.

Considering that Jericho is the ONLY show I'm currently willing to turn on the tv for (Faux News at work and the Puppy Bowl don't count), why can't I watch it?
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Previously: Hawkins, Hawkins, Hawkins!

In which Hawkins suffers from a series of Lost-style flashbacks )

Next: New Bern ain't the paradise we've been led to believe it is. Not that this is a surprise to anyone with any kind of observation skills.
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Previously: April is pregnant, Heather runs windmills, Hawkette TOTALLY shot someone

Every time someone dies, a baby is born. Or something )

Next week: Assaulting the refugees who've holed up in the church. No, that's not reinforcing the whole Lost Tribe Of Israel America vibe at all.
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Oh my god, when did Jericho start getting decent, verging on good? I'm so very, very confused.

I still want to know where the hell Bonnie disappeared to, though.
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Previously: Dammit, I missed 'em while I was getting dinner made.

Read more... )

Next week: The package is missing! The roads are bad! The dogs, they are a-starvin! Jake, he gets roughed up some more!
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Previously: Hawkins gets threatened! Sorta!

Hawkins did a bad, bad thing )

This week's episode is about to start, so I'll come back and finish this later.
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Previously: everything.

Currently: Everything, but with a loose connecting "story" consisting of Hawkins explaining it all to the audience. Yeah, I thought it was pretty weak, too.

Next: Apparently we're going back in time to some unspecified time before Who Set Us Up The Bomb. Possibly multiple times before WSUUTB.
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Previously: Explosion! Election hijinks! Hurt/comfort! Ass Bandits! Say Goodnight, Gracie!

It's a case of MUUUURDEEEER!!! )

Next: nada 'til February. But it looks like Darcy's going to shoot Hawkins, which I can support.
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Previously: That same damn nuke footage! Chinese newscast! Family drama! IRS meltdown! Gray flips out!

Better dead than red )
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Previously: Bomb (no, really?)! Bartender Mistress! Coughing Disease! Ravenwood! Real Doctor!

Suicide Bomber Jake, Action Hero! )

Next week: Almost the end of the mini-season! Someone significant dies! Probably!
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Previously: Denver! Chaos! Unfamiliar Faces! Inappropriate Questions! Septicemia! Green Family Squint Faces!


Next Week: Government authorization! Suicide bomber Jake!
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Previously: Speculation! Information! Corn! Insipid Romantic Tangles!

A little more 'splodey, please. )

Next: Hot Zone! Gunfight among the Rolling Hills of Kansas!
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Previously: Explosion! Chaos out there! Secrets in a small town! Food train! "Reassuring" messages! Rumbly ground!

Cut... for HIS pleasure )

Oh Lord... there're doing that whole "music by" thing that the other Teen TV has done. God, that's annoying.
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Previously: Stuff happened. Not all of it made sense.

Read more... )
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So, I was busy hanging out with a new friend last night and didn't get a chance to watch Jericho. Thank goodness that CBS has the latest episodes online, available for viewing.

So, without further ado, here's the impressions: )

Interesting tidbit: the guy I was hanging out with last night works with the mother of the woman who plays Mrs. Hawkins. I think that this is the fewest degrees of separation I've ever been to a TV show I like. (We're not counting that time I met Summer Glau, since Firefly was off the air by that time)
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Couple of quick things:

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So I'm watching the series premier of Jericho, the new post-nuclear war TV show and decided to post a running commentary, like I used to for The Amazing Race. Here goes:

America go BOOM!!!!! )

Hey! CBS is airing supplemental video about the non-Jericho survivors on their new broadband net channel, Innertube.

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