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  • Review & sign the new lease DONE
  • Unsubscribe to newspaper delivery DONE
  • Transfer electric service / get new account @ new address DONE
  • Transfer cable/internet service DONE
  • Change the address on all my personal accounts DONE
  • Get my mail forwarded DONE
  • Get rid of unnecessary papers, books, bottles, etc. DONE
  • Pack all my stuff: DONE
    • Books DONE
    • Clothes DONE
    • Kitchen stuff DONE
    • Bedroom stuff DONE
    • Bathroom stuff DONE
    • Furniture DONE
  • Move DONE
  • Hand in my keys to the apartment DONE
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My plans to stock up for The Coming Event Of DoomTM have been mildly bolstered by my current job: I got an annual raise following a good performance review. It's not terribly large, but it's still nice. Also nice? It kicked in on the paycheck I just received, unbeknownst to me until I noticed that my check was larger than it should be.

All flush with my new-found riches, I did something wild and reckless: I paid all my bills for the month. Shocker! I also went out and got some things to update my preparedness checklist. And since I have some left over, I made a donation to Heifer International (thanks for the heads-up about it, [livejournal.com profile] ginmar!) and contributed a small amount to a Kiva loan to a Dominican woman.

Now I just have to get my meds refill and some groceries and I'll be set for the next 2 weeks with some left over.
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Okay, so here's a checklist of items I should have on hand in the case of an emergency, whether limited or major. Feel free to comment if you have anything you'd like to add or suggest replacements; I'm always willing to accept advice.

Bolding the ones I have and in no particular order:

Food & Water:Read more... )

Transportation:Read more... )

Clothing (assume all should be durable and fit comfortably):Read more... )

Health & Hygiene:Read more... )

Camping:Read more... )

Emergency Gear:Read more... )

General:Read more... )

Okay, I know I'm missing or forgetting things, so please feel free to add to the list.

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