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I had a couple of different nightmares last night. One involved something called a "popcorn dog" which was something like a cross between a Labrador puppy, a squid and a stinging jellyfish. The second involved being trapped in a maze of a hospital and desperately trying to get out.

As you could imagine, I slept like crap last night.
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Here are some links discussing the current national unemployment situation. It's not a pretty picture.


Jul. 26th, 2010 10:22 am
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So. Apparently I needed sleep. Went to bed as soon as we got home last night, slept 9.5 hours, got up just long enough to refill my CPAP humidifier, then slept another 1.5 hours. As much as I want to be back working, I guess I have to admit that I need the rest.

Worn out

Jul. 22nd, 2010 03:36 pm
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Saw the primary care doctor this morning. The good news is, it's not a bacterial infection and he wrote me a 'scrip for magic mouthwash. Also, he wrote me another 'scrip for pain meds, so I should be good to go for another few days. We'll see what the surgeon decides to do tomorrow.

Also went with Matt to the AIDS Alliance Center here in Raleigh about some volunteer work he's doing for them. Then went to Greek Fiesta for lunch. It appears that gyros are acceptable to my body.

Dear lord, I wore myself down today. :(
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Dammit. Woke up this morning in pain (as expected) and for some reason decided to count my pain pills before taking them. I don't have enough pills to last me through today, much less until my follow-up appointment tomorrow. As it is, I'll have to take only one pill every 8 hours (instead of 1 or 2 every 4) just to have even one left to take before bed tonight. Dammit.
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just went upstairs to shower for the first time since getting discharged (yes, I know, ew stinky). the stairs were... unpleasant, but being clean is an exquisite feeling.

Got a follow-up appointment w/ my primary care doctor tomorrow morning & a follow-up with my surgeon on Friday. Hopefully they'll be giving me good news.

I know that I'm recovering remarkably quickly, but dammit, I want to be well already!
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The doctor just came by and I'm cleared for discharge!

They're getting the paperwork together now and, hopefully, everything will be ready for me to leave about noon. :-D
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‎**double deep sigh**
I had a very mild fever last night (only 99.5 to 100.2!) and the new surgeon (my original surgeon is off on the weekend and this new one works with him) decided to keep me until the fever was gone for 24 hours.
So. I'm here for yet another day.
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So I had another pain-shakey episode this morning, and the surgeon came in on the tail end of it. I wasn't ale to explain what was going on because my teeth were chattering too much and he assumed that I was going into sepsis. He immediately put in orders for some bloodwork and chest x-rays (all of which came back normal) and, after reviewing them, decided that I should stay yet another night if the pain is causing that kind of reaction when the meds wear off. He also mentioned that he was concerned that it might actually be a reaction to one or another of the pain meds.

I just keep looping the lyrics to "Sloop John B" (paraphrased):
home, let me go home
i just want to go home
let me go home.

this is the worst trip
i've ever been on
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I had NO IDEA how well my pain medicines were working until they wore off in the middle of the night. I woke up crying from the pain and my entire upper body was shaking like I was freezing. Thankfully, the nurse came pretty quickly with both my percocet (long-term control) and my morphine (immediate control). I could tell exactly when the morphine kicked in, too, because my trembles stopped like someone had hit a switch.

In any case, the surgeon came by and told me that I'm recovering quickly (just ask Matt!) and they're going to hold me again tonight, but I'll be good to discharge tomorrow. He also had one of the nurses remove my wound drain (and boy howdy, did THAT feel weird) and said that I can start solid food again today.

Now to see about arranging the necessary time off work...
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I know that at least some of you (should) already know this from my Facebook, but I was hospitalized yesterday for emergency gallbladder surgery. First off, I'm (relatively) fine. My vitals are stable, I'm in a room, and although I'm in pain, I'm able to walk around for short periods.

They weren't able to do it laparoscopically because, as the surgeon told me this morning, my gallbladder was so infected and inflamed that it was "rotten" and they were concerned that it would rupture. So, because they did it with an abdominal incision, I'm going to be inpatient at least through tomorrow and maybe through Friday, depending on how quickly I recover.

I have to say that the staff here at Rex have been outstanding with regards to Matt & my relationship. There's been no problem with his being with me at all stages and they're basically treating him as if we were legal spouses. For example: we spoke with the nurse in charge of me tonight and she said that Matt could stay as long as he wanted, despite official visiting hours ending at 8:30. They've also been really good about keeping him updated with my status when I was in surgery.

Also, Matt was keeping my parents and sisters updated and apparently they've already accepted him as an in-law. :-P

And if you're in the area and want to come visit, I'm in room 7030 at Rex Hospital off Lake Boone in Raleigh.
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I hope everyone had a happy Independence Day! Mine was very good... went to two different cookouts with good friends, had good food and good conversation, got to see some good fireworks... it was a very good day. :)
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So apparently I have gallstones. No real problems from it yet, but I might go on medication to break them up before it gets too far.
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To my sister Sara ([livejournal.com profile] lysariala);

Congratulations on this, your wedding day. May your marriage be full of happiness.

Your brother loves you, Mrs. Haight. :-D
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I've been feeling crappy for a few days but last night I really felt like shit. After getting home from dinner with Matt, Ron, Luke & Jeff, I took my temperature and lo & behold! my temperature was 102.1.

...So yeah, I went to the doctor first thing this morning. Turns out I have an ear infection and bad tonsillitis on the left. Bad as in, when the PA looked down my throat, she almost immediately went "whoa". So now I'm on another 5 day antibiotic trial and hopefully it'll clear this crap out.

I took a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon and woke up to find my temperature 100.4. Lovely :-|
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So let me see if I have this right... the majority of The History Channel's programming now is aliens, Atlantis and apocalypse?

Geez, how disappointing. I guess it's somewhat better than the All-Hitler Channel.
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I'm watching "After Armageddon" on the History Channel. Dunno if this is a series or what, but they're addressing a global pandemic scenario and it's incredibly like the beginning of The Stand. You know, before the psychic stuff started. They're not sugarcoating anything (or very little, anyway) and the only real thing I find disappointing is that they're assuming a "surviving/escaping a major city on one of the coasts" start, in this case, L.A.

Admittedly, there have been some "small town survival" things, like Jericho or Alas, Babylon, but I'm kinda annoyed that the vast majority of post-apoc assumes that everyone important lives in big cities. Even if they don't want to start with a small town, they could go for a smaller city or one not on the coasts, like Raleigh or Oklahoma City or Minneapolis.

ANYway, in any large-scale &/or extended breakdown-of-civilization scenario, I'd be dead within 2 or 3 months. If I don't die in the immediate causative event, my sanity meds would be gone in 4-6 weeks maximum. And once those are gone, I'm non-functional in less than a week and almost certainly dead shortly after.

Really, my purpose would be as a one-time supply dump. And I'm okay with that. :P
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I'm lucky to have and love a man who loves me this much. :-)

Last night, after finishing with Faire, I went down to Strombolis to meet up with Matt for dinner, like we do every Sunday. Matt was waiting outside for me and when he walked me in, however, things got interesting. He had organized a surprise party for me. He had a section of the restaurant all decked out in pirate-themed birthday stuff, there were a dozen people there... he made me cry (in a good way!).

I guess he does love me after all. :-P

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